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Guardian Pro’s mission is to ensure the private sector is defended against threats that can be harmful to business. Whether the threat is cyber or physical, Guardian Pro’s experienced law enforcement and private sector professionals offer the necessary protection through evaluation, implementation and education.

Information Governance

You protect your assets, your staff and your accounts but are you protecting your most important resource? Your company data and that of your clients is something often forgotten. Guardian Pro provides experts to evaluate your needs, design a solution and implement a system to keep you and your information safe and in compliance. We offer a customized approach for each of our clients, to include the following:

  • Assessment, recommendations and implementation
  • Analysis and risk assessment
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Training for employees and leadership
  • Information security planning and audit
  • Physical security review and remediation
  • Specializing in the unique needs of the Healthcare industry including a focus on:
    • HIPAA, HITECH and Red Flag Rules
    • EMR readiness or compliance
    • Patient and staff safety

Data Breach Services

In Partnership with Merchants Information Solutions, Guardian Pro is proud to offer a unique and cost effective proactive Data Breach program. SmartIDentity4business is a program specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses that helps to avoid a Data Breach through knowledge, process and training and, in the event a Breach does occur responds with a cutting edge program that meets all State and Federal guidelines for a proper and compliant response. Guardian Pro is also there for you to help with media and internal messaging and assisting or leading the investigation and recovery. Contact Guardian Pro today to learn more.

ATM Security

Guardian Pro is committed to helping ATM and POS providers improve their safety and security. Data theft is a very quickly growing crime which, when it impacts your organization, you become susceptible to lawsuits from clients and customers, along with all of the governmental penalties from regulatory agencies. Is your organization aware of the laws and rules that must be followed in order to mitigate your risk? Do you keep up with the quickly changing regulatory world and the VERY quickly changing threat environment? You probably do not. Let Guardian Pro handles these concerns for you so that you can focus on your business.

With an unparralled team of experienced security and management experts, well as highly experienced ATM experts, Guardian Pro brings a unique offering for those who own, manage or process ATM and POS devices. The Guardian Pro Data Breach Response Program™ is designed to be proactive, simple to implement, and effective in use. Best of all it is very cost effective.

The Data Breach Response Program™ is a thorough step-by-step system that gives our clients the processes to best protect themselves while ensuring compliance in the event of a breach. There is no other program in the industry designed to help you protect your proprietary and customer data. Call us today to learn more.

Consulting Services

Our highly experienced staff can provide consulting and project leadership in a variety of subject matter areas, to include:

  • Anti and counter terrorism planning, training and strategy
  • Investigative technique training
  • Physical security review, training and planning
  • Cultural awareness briefings and training
  • A custom approach to your international, intelligence or security needs
  • Technical expertise consulting for all electronic and print media, to include the film entertaining industry, publishing, and television news programing